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Decoding Buddhist prayer flags

by Garvita Sharma, TNN, Dec 11, 2015

Dharmsala, India -- If you are a mountain person and the Himalayas fascinate you, there's no way you haven't been intrigued by the Buddhist prayer flags.


Glimpses of Indian Buddhist art

By Ankush Arora, Reuters, December 1, 2015

New Delhi, India -- The latest exhibition at India’s National Museum gives the impression of an art gallery turned into a Buddhist shrine, one soaked in spiritual asceticism, devotion and artistic ornamentation.


Beautiful Photos on Display Reveal Secret Tantric Buddhist Temple

World Religion News, Nov 17, 2015

Photographer Thomas Laird is sharing photos of murals inside a secret tantric Buddhist Temple meant to only be viewed by Dalai Lamas.

London, UK -- From November 19 to February 28 2016, the Wellcome Collection’s winter exhibition in London will have on display tantric images from an ancient Buddhist temple in Tibet.


Wellcome art show to feature images of tantric Buddhism from secret Tibet temple

By Jayalakshmi K, IB Times, November 11, 2015

London, UK -- An exhibition of never before seen Buddhist tantric images of 17th century murals, scrolls and ritual artefacts from a secret Tibetan temple will be displayed in London from 19 November to 28 February, 2016. Shot by American photographer Thomas Laird, the images include yogic poses, 84 tantric masters, Buddhas, scenic depictions, symbols and what Laird hints as the 'cosmic vagina', a detail representing the start of the universe.


Rubin Museum Gets More Zen with Expanded Buddhist Shrine Room

by Allison Meier, HyperAllergic.com, October 23, 2015

New York, USA -- Flickering light and faint sounds of chanting accompany the Rubin Museum of Art’s expanded Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room, where visitors to the Chelsea museum can pause in a space of contemplation. The new installation opens today alongside the Sacred Spaces exhibition, which encourages connections between spiritual practice and sacred moments in the everyday.


McClung Museum has public events about Buddhist art

Knoe News, Oct 5, 2015

Tennessee, USA -- The McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Tennessee will offer two free public events centered on a current exhibit of Buddhist art.


Evolution of Buddhist sculptures over two millennia

Korea Herald, Oct 5, 2015

Exhibition brings together 200+ Buddha statues across Asia

Seoul, South Korea -- From India to Korea and Japan, Buddhist statues are one of the most common forms of ancient art in Asia. Sculpted of stone, wood or made in gilt bronze, sculptures of Buddha preaching, meditating or in deep thought have been important objects of worship for Buddhists for two millennia.


Getty to show exact replicas of art-filled Buddhist caves in China

By Mike Boehm, Los Angeles Times, July 18, 2015

Los Angeles, CA (USA) -- Showing replicas of artworks instead of the real thing is usually anathema to an art museum, but the J. Paul Getty Trust on Tuesday showed why that rule has its exceptions.


Annual Buddhist Festival To Include Talks About Baltimore, Social Justice

by Crystal Lewis, The Huffington Post, June 10, 2015

Washington, D.C. (USA) -- Buddhists and meditation enthusiasts will gather near Washington, DC this week for Buddhafest, an annual event that includes a film festival, dharma talks, meditation sessions and music. Organizers will open and close this year's festival with presentations by Buddhist leaders who have worked to bring peace to the city of Baltimore and cultural diversity to the religion.


Stories behind Buddhist art

By Lee Woo-young, Korea Herald, May 26, 2015

The National Museum of Korea highlights devout patrons of Buddhist art

Seoul, South Korea -- Around 1247, Empress Hampyeong of Goryeo (918-1392) commissioned an artisan known for his skilled silver engraving to inscribe patterns of clouds and lotuses on a bronze vase in a prayer for the well-being of her family and country.


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