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Buddhist lessons from Star Wars

by Henna Achhpal, DNA India, 12 Dec 2016

New Delhi, India -- The world’s most loved sci-fi saga has religion at its core, borrowing themes from several Buddhist principles and concepts


IFFI features a lesser-known chapter of Buddhist history

by Prakash Kamat, The Hindu, November 24

Sinhala film screened at IFFI explores the preserving of heritage for the future
-- The Sri Lankan film industry is small and so are the budgets due to the small viewership, said Chathra Weeraman, director of the Sinhala film Aloko Udapadi (Light Arose), on Tuesday while interacting with the media at the 47th International Film festival of India (IFFI).


'Dr Strange' cast inspired by teaching from Buddhist monk on set

Reuters, Oct 31, 2016

Los Angeles, CA (USA) -- Tutelage from a Buddhist monk helped British actor Benedict Cumberbatch with his starring role in "Doctor Strange", the latest film from Marvel Cinematic Universe.


From ‘Mood Indigo’ To Mood Mono?

by Shen Shi'an, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 14, 2016

Singapore -- Titled after a 1930 jazz song by Duke Ellington and company, ‘Mood Indigo’ was originally titled ‘Dreamy Blues’. As many jazz pieces are, it is bittersweet, though arguably more bitter than sweet due to its renaming. Then again, jazz music is famously up for personal interpretation.


You, ‘Animals And The Buddha’

by Shen Shi'an. The Buddhist Channel, Sept 14, 2016

All beings fear danger, life is dear to all.
When a person considers this,
he does not kill or cause to kill.
– The Buddha (Dhammapada, 129)

Singapore -- ‘Animals And The Buddha’ is a documentary by ‘Dharma Voices For Animals‘, that features interviews with well known Buddhist teachers of various traditions, including Bhikkhu Bodhi and Bhante Gunaratana (Bhante G) of the Theravada tradition, Venerable Tenzin Palmo and Venerable Matthieu Ricard of the Vajrayana tradition and more from the Mahayana tradition.


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