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Local Buddhist metal band Chok Ma find a groove in spiritual awareness

by Rachel Mok, South China Morning Post, Jan 8, 2014

Buddhist metal band Chock Ma augment their sound with ancient instruments.Rachel Mok gets her karma boosted

Hong Kong, China -- Chock Ma are not your average headbangers. During the band's rehearsals, you can hear instruments such as the didgeridoo, an indigenous Australian wind instrument, and a mouth harp, an ancient instrument popular in Southeast Asia.


Buddhist music a universal language

By Li Anlan, Shanghai Daily, February 1, 2013

Shanghai, China -- A concert of Buddhist music - classical, contemporary and crossover - will be staged during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday to express hopes and prayers for a happy Chinese Lunar New Year. Li Anlan reports.


Mantras for the masses

by Xu Ming, Global Times, Dec 4, 2012

Hunan, China -- At a Buddhist music seminar held recently in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, Master Sheng Hui, vice director of the Buddhist Association of China and abbot of Lushan Temple, said that while time and life are changing, Buddhist music should change as well to purify people's hearts. As part of the seminar, his words were put into practice with an evening party that featured fireworks and Buddhist music.


Nepal's 'singing nun' shares the sound of music

By Deepak Adhikari, AFP, Dec 18, 2011

KATHMANDU, Nepal -- Wrapped in a maroon robe, her head shaven, Ani Choying Dolma treads gingerly into a Kathmandu hotel, exuding the composure and serenity one might expect from a Buddhist nun.


The Journey Continues …

by Ong Puay Liu, The Buddhist Channel, June 29, 2011; Album Review: M.V. Nathan’s Om Mani Padme Hum – An Enduring Journey (2011)

M. V. Nathan’s “An Enduring Journey” is so uplifting that it can even charm the “tone-deaf, tune-mute and the musically illiterate,” so says album reviewer Puay Liu

Kajang, Selangor (Malaysia) -- ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is an album whose music seems to linger and takes on a life of its own after you have played it for a while. Put the disc inside a CD player and before you know it, you will be humming along with the three tracks, tugging you to recite mantras or chanting the vandana.


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