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Some inaccuracies on the Vadnagar excavation

by Harjivan, Ahmedabad, India, The Buddhist Channel, Apr 22, 2011

Thank you for highlighting the Vadnagar excavation. However, there are several factual errors in your article which need to be corrected.

Vadnagar is not in Sabarkantha district; it is in Mahesana district.

The Chinese traveller who visited Vadnagar, then known as Anandapur, has been known by the name Hsuan-Tsang; and not Wenshang.

Also, there are several debatable issues regarding interpretation of the present archaeological finds. The recent find of a small monastery might well be outside the then existing city, because the present ruins of the fort are those of one built in the 12th century only. That fort did not exist in the 6th century, the time when Hsuan-Tsang visited the city.

If you are interested in gathering authentic historical details of this ancient city, you may please see the following web-site: http://vadnagar.blogspot.com

Editor's note: Wenshang is a another Chinese dialect pronunciation of Hsuan-Tsang

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