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Divisive politics of the Tibetan Government in Exile

by Keith Milton, Victoria, B.C., Canada, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 10, 2005

In a recent article that you published, however, there was a reference that I feel I must comment upon. The writer referred to the practice of the Gelugpa Protector Dorje Shugden as "divisive" and "anti-Nyingma" and lauded the Tibetan Government in Exile for seeking to suppress it.

This perspective is not founded upon the historical and spiritual facts and perpetuates a short term opportunist political interpretation placed upon these facts by the Tibetan Government.

Rather it is the attempted ban upon a recognised Buddhist practice by the Tibetan Government that is proving 'divisive' in the global Buddhist community. In addition, the unfounded assertion that the practice is opposed to the Nyingma tradition is 'divisive speech' and fosters a schism in the Sangha.

For these reasons I ask that any future references to the actions of the Tibetan Government in this matter be treated with utmost caution and presented with clear qualifications.

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