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No more mystery in the Colfax Buddhas

by Jim Bowers, Colfax, CA, The Buddhist Channel, March 7, 2006

Here's my piece about the Buddha heads found in Colfax. I can't tell you that they were OLD, but I can tell you where they came from. Yesterday I ran down yet another rumor.

Casey O'Connor, professor of Fine Art and Ceramics at Sierra College in Roseville Calif. made the artifacts himself. (he has the original molds). "I just wanted to spread karma" he told me. His intentions were to scatter like johnny appleseed these Buddhas all over, so that people will find them for the next 1000 years and appreciate their art and mystery.

He has also scattered pieces at Laguna Beach, The city of Davis, Portland Oregon and many other locations on the west coast. So the case is closed and I think that these pieces created their own value in this great mystery as it unfolded. People have already come into my store looking to buy one.

I was offered $10 for one piece AFTER the source was revealed. But, I have to stick to my principles. I was never out to profit from this... just discover the truth of the mysterious Colfax Buddhas.

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