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"We" are not at war with Islam

by James Colby, Pittsgrove Township, NJ, The Budhist Channel, May 2, 2006

Huston Smith, revered as he is to all those with a minor touch of religiosity in their lives made an incorrect statement – as reported by quote in the LA Times –  regarding the “We” as being at war with Islam.

I quote, “The world is in flames. We are at war with Islam.” He said. Who is “We?” Is the term “We,” the USA? Who is at war with Islam?

The world of Islam has been in an unending war with civilization since the 14th. Century.

Where does Mr. Smith come from by making such a statement like that? I do not believe that the Blessed Dali Lama would never make a statement to that effect. Mr. Huston Smith is showing a bias against the USA – typical of a UC Berkeley Professor.

The USA as far as I understand its political justification in this current situation is not at an ‘outright’ war with Islam nor the Muslim people. If they are, I haven’t been told. I do not think we’re in another Crusade.

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