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No need for dry, academic debate

by Eric Twose, UK, The Buddhist Channel, May 12, 2006

I would lie to make a comment regarding Mettanando Bhikkhu's article asking 'Was the Lord Buddha a sexist'. With due respect, this is exactly the kind of academic exercise which has been carried out in the absence of real knowledge.

There are three main types of knowledge which may be likened to the idea of an orange; the texture, smell or taste of an orange; and actually eating, digesting and assimilating the nutrients of an orange. These correspond, respectively, with intellectualism, emotionalism and real knowledge as possessed by a master or teacher, one who has Arrived.

With real knowledge, together with compassion and conscience for instance, and with knowhow -- how to apply it in the here and now -- there is no need for such dry, academic debate.

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