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Sangha members should be tech-savvy, forward looking

by Lim Soon Huat, Singapore, The Buddhist Channel, Aug 9, 2006

I am very encouraged by the article (Ref: Buddhism is big business for new breed of upwardly mobile monks) on the development of Buddhism in China. To me I think Buddhism in China has overcome the mental block that is prevalent in many parts of the world.

We used to think that monk should only be spending their time chanting the suttra. If not then they should be meditating and don't expect them to be tech-savvy or engage with society but I think the Chinese Sangha/monk is showing us that we are all wrong.

The Sangha should be forward looking, tech-savvy, has a keen sense of the world, be connected to the community, not publicity shy and able to engage the politician. In short the Chinese monk is showing us how to move forward and how to innovate.

Let learn from them and modify if necessary. Change is unavoidable and necessary if the Dharma is to grow. Remember what the Dharma said. No two moment is the same.

I wish them success and may their success be an inspiration for us to follow.

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