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Right perspectives on feminine rights

by Sanuja, Calgary, AB, Canada, Sept 25, 2006

I write with reference to the article "Was the Lord Buddha a sexist?" by Mettanando Bhikkhu.

Even though I agree with the most of the facts that described in this article, I am not pleased with the overall evaluation of the position of woman in Buddhism. For example, the article lacks the fact that compare to European extreme feminist rights movement to the pure realistic feminist rights which have long existed in countries like Sri Lanka.

This monk neglected the fact that the world first female President, the world's first female Prime Minister and the world's first female ambassador either came from India or Sri Lanka.

He has also neglected the fact that the British woman were beaten by their husbands at a time when our women were engineers in 625 B.C. Sri Lanka.

I just want the editors of this web site to know that this article was bias. It is just wrong to ignore so many facts like the above ones.

I admit that we have problems in our feminist rights movement. Comparatively however, we are well off compared to Canadian and American mothers who refuse to breastfeed their children. What I call as “stupid freedom” that Europeans enjoy is not a part of Buddhism.

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