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Call to remove Buddha statues in Malawi ridiculous

by Roger, UK, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 5, 2006

I refer to your article "Malawi: Buddhist centre asked to remove Buddha statues at orphanage". It is absolutely ridiculous that a human rights organisation in Malawi should criticise about the Buddhist orphanage.

When Christian organisations set up schemes in Buddhist countries they are aiming in part to convert masses of poor orphans and people telling them that miracles will happen and that they will get out of poverty at the flick of a finger.

This NEVER materialises.

When a buddhist organisation sets up in a Christian country then all hell breaks loose and racist commands are given to remove any vestiges of Buddhism=Humanity.

These sorts of narrow minded, control freakdom actions only cause further rifts in the globalised world that we live in today. Only it seems your media reports such things but other Western controlled or Western fearful media will not even look at such an article.

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