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Pine Forest's new abiding

Sanma Kundali, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 26, 2007

I recently came across a somewhat perplexing reference in a search for the controversial "Pine Forest Sangha" web site ( http://www.pineforest.org.uk/ ) that is now closed down. On Googling "Pine Forest Buddhist Monastery" I found an entry entitled "Tranquil Abiding" which appears to be a re-creation of the Pine Forest Monastery site.

This "new" site does not place as much emphasis on "Buddhism" or provide plagiarized "teachings" but lists the proprietors as "Buddhist Monks."  The new "Tranquil Abiding" site is found at: http://www.tranquilabiding.co.uk/

A little further investigation reveals an unreferenced page on their site announcing their interest in conducting weddings at:  http://www.tranquilabiding.co.uk/id45.html

The pictures on the new site are identical to photographs found on original Pine Forest Site and the mailing address is the same:  Cae Rhys, Trawsfynydd, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, LL41 4TS, United Kingdom. 

The new Tranquil Abiding site does not mention the names of the two "Buddhist Monks" nor does it list their affiliation.  It also does not list Tranquil Abiding as a registered charity as Pine Forest Snagha was. The phone number on the new site however is identlcal to the original Pine Forest Sangha telephone number:  01766 540430.

Does any one know if  Mr. Edward Andrew Penney, aka Kwi Taro Huang, aka Br. Edo, aka Edo Yamato, aka Edo Yamato Shonin, aka Edo Shonin, aka  Jetsun Lama Br. Edo Yamato Shonin and William Van Gordon are the principals behind "Tranquil Abiding"?

The same question that was originally raised concerning the two men claiming to be monks associated with these/this site(s) still remains... when, where, in what tradition and under whose auspices where they ordained as "Buddhist monks"?

Can The Buddhist Channel readers supply any further information regarding these concerns?

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