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Where's the support from Thai Sangha and laity?

by YB Lee, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 8, 2007

I refer to the letter by Thida Jansom protesting the article by Richard Ehrlich. I remember Buddhist Channel has a page listing all the letters and news of support for the Burmese. I found it here. http://www.buddhistchannel.tv/index.php?protest_support

She asks "What about monks and people of Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal or even the Tibetan and other countries?" Thida can scan this page and find support from Nepalese, Indonesians, Malaysians, Cambodians, Europeans, Australians, Japanese and even Israelis.

I was surprised and indeed dissapointed that except for a notice by the Thai Civil society, there was almost no mention of support from the Thai sangha or the laity.

I hope that Thida's bluster at the article being offensive to Thai people without a single word of compassion for the immense suffering of the Burmese is not representative of the attitude of the Thais.

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