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I quit the Parkinson's Disease treatment and got better my own way

by Peter Reardon, Victoria, BC, Canada, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 13, 2007

I refer to the the article "I quit the cancer treatment and got better my own way" by Willie Dillon, Independent, December 12 2007.

I was quite surprised at the similarity of Allison Kelly's experience to my own. The differences are medically different in that I have Parkinson's Disease, and yet I followed a very similar path of treatment to hers.

Changes in diet, natropathic treatment, adjusted frequency of tai chi to suit my physical needs.

I joined a Buddhist Meditation Centre and became active in the Sangha, I also receive massage treatment.

I still have Parkinson's disease but I believe it to be less advanced because of my avoidance of heavy duty drugs.

Would you please pass on to Ms. Allison the name of a doctor of Tibetan medicine, Christopher Hansard. His practice is at the Eden Medical Centre, Chelsea, London, UK (Tibetan Bon Dur Medicine Eden Medical Centre, 63a Kings Rd, LONDON SW3 4NT Tel:0207 8815800)

Congratulations on a very useful medium of Buddhist news and information.

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