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Mahabodhi issue: My view is fair and balanced - Bhiksuni Ratana

by Bhiksuni Ratana, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 21, 2007

I write in response to Visakha Kawasaki's remarks on my article on the bodhi tree branch affair in Bodhgaya. In my Dutch language website (www.buddha-dharma.eu) a large chunk is reserved for the history of Buddhism, including the history of Bodhgaya.

Over the last four years I have been publishing on Buddhist affairs worldwide. That is, I present the Dutch language readers with an, I hope, balanced compilation of press reviews on Buddhism in general, seldom or never on individuals who do or do not slide and fall.

During these years I have been a fervent supporter of the Dalit case, so much so that it seems to have influenced the Dutch and European governmental policies. Of course, Dutch language printings remain within the Dutch language forum and do not reach the shores of Sri Lanka.

I'm very well aware of the problematic situation of Bihar politics, and as far as they concerned Buddhism, I reported on it. Visakha Kawasaki will understand that I do not report on politics as such; this is outside the scope of monks and nuns.

I'm not blind to caste and clan policies especially in Bihar. However, as I have the obligation to speak words of good will, I generally remain silent as the world is already full of hatred and turmoil.

Visakha Kawasaki is advised to show at least some moderation in approaching monks and nuns. I know that Sri Lanka passes a very difficult time and that this influences the minds and actions of people, but that can be no excuse.

Please be a dignified representative of Buddha and his Teachings. You matter, and your opinion matters. And be sure, nobody within the Buddhasasana attacks you. As one of my first masters said: look in the mirror ever so often and check what face you show the world.

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