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A Guatemalan's message of peace

by Dario Moran, Guatemala, The Buddhist Channel, May 19, 2008

Buddhism has changed my life because I learned to be a better human being. Now I respect everything and everyone in a different manner.

I always recall the Zen Budhist story of the two monks who rescued the woman from the river, and when I do it I remind to be aware of the sorroundings and also of coming thoughts to my mind, now I know the faster ones are the bad ones.

I would like to spread some Buddhist principles between my people and I will do it according to my job and free time. I also intend to include Buddhists topics in the lectures of general culture of a gallery - the Galería de Cultura, which I founded a few years ago in Guatemala City.

I will continue to transmit to you my concern for a "intercultural exchange" program because I strongly believe that if most people of the different countries in the world get to know each other better, then there will be  much peace. Each breath shall be a breath of peace.

With much happiness and peace.
Dario Moran

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