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Moodu Maha Viharaya monk imprisoned in his own temple

by Rohan Silva, London, UK, The Buddhist Channel, Oct 6, 2009

I am a Sri Lankan Buddhist living and working in UK. I am a reader of the Buddhist Channel regularly.

On reading an artice by Mallika Wanigasundara dated Oct 7, 2005, on Moodu Maha Viharaya, Pottuvil, Sri Lanka, I was saddened by the fate of the Priest and this ancient and historical Temple.

So touched, I tried in vain to contact the priest on the published Number - 077 6158295.

Then I wrote to him but did not get any response but determined I was to contact the priest. I telephoned the Sri Lanka Police Station in Pottuvil and explained. The helpful officer promised to pay a visit and

When I rang the Police few days later, the officer had some new numbers ready for me. Immediately I contacted the lone priest. He had lost the phone with the published Number.

As for the letter I sent, he said most of letters are intercepted or tampered by Moslem Post Office staff and very few get delivered. He is like a prisoner in his own Temple.

I urge you to amend the Telephone Numbers as follows:

Bhikkus Land Telephone 0555 712006
Mobile    071 249351

I would also like to get in touch with writer of that article. You may pass my details to the write if you wish.

I am also trying to do some research on another Ancient Temple situated in thick jungle about 25km from this Temple. Called Sastrawela, I understand another lone Priest is living there with great difficulties. Hope you would give some publicity when I have collected sufficient information.

Your efforts are much appreciated.

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