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Decline of Buddhism in Singapore: Learn from the Christian evangelists

by Alvin Wong, Sinagpore, The Buddhist Channel, Jan 18, 2011

A recent drop of Buddhists in Singapore were not due to the presence of Pentacostal and Evangelical churches, but reflect on our fellow Buddhists of not doing enough to understand the needs especially the lay Buddhists.

Buddhist leaders shall look into the possibility to study and learn from the Christians evangelization. There are nothing wrong for Buddhists trying to increase the followers in the active way.

Just like some Christians learning Buddhist meditation to enhance their spiritual path. Buddhist leaders and organisations shall make plans and brainstorm as a community efforts.

If all Buddhist temples, organisations encourage each of their followers to bring two or more followers each time they attended the Buddhist meditations, chanting, Dharma talks or retreats, the communit will growth exponentially. And each of the newcomers will be nurtured and taken care of by senior members and assist in the spiritual path.

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