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Sustenance Appeal by the Belfast Meditation Centre

The Buddhist Channel, July 4, 2005

Belfast, Northern Ireland -- Since the Belfast Meditation Centre opened only eight months ago, it has offered opportunities to meditate at least once every day in the zendo, as well as a night to discuss the teachings of the Buddha, and a full day of practice each month.

The centre has been able to meet other practitioners socially due to the allocation of additional space, which includes kitchen facilities. The centre has a free lending library for books, recorded talks and a state of the art computer equipment which has just been installed, paid for by a grant.

However, all these needs money to keep going. At the moment, the centre receives 300 a month through standing orders set up by members of the sangha. They have made a commitment of 20 or more each month. Such commitment enables them to attend any meditation without making a donation (except the full day of practice). In fact, a standing order of 20 may actually be cheaper than making a donation. It would certainly be a way of supporting the growth of the practice in Belfast.

To run itself, the centre needs an income of at least 500 a month. The centre's aim is to try to reach this target by the first anniversary of opening, the 29th September 2005. A steady income would guarantee our financial security, and hence ensure that it won?t have to close down and revert to hiring a room twice a week with nowhere to meet with other practitioners.

The centre will also need additional funds if it wants to develop towards having a resident teacher and make the Dharma more widely available.

If you are interested in opening a standing order, please pick up a form next time you are in the centre, or click on any of the links below:

More info on Belfast Meditation Centre here:

To donate to Black Mountain Mindfulness Centre, click here

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