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China saves corpus of Buddhist scriptures

Xinhuanet, Nov 22, 2005

BEIJING, China -- China Cultural Palace of Nationalities Tuesday launched a project to dry and refrigerate the soaked volumes of a 270-year-old, gigantic edition of the Buddhist canon, or Dazangjing in Chinese, according to the Beijing News.

The palace is to make a 150-cubic-meter refrigeratory to store nearly 20,000 volumes which were damaged by water in an accident on November 15.

Nearly 3,900 volumes of newspapers and periodicals in the languages of China's ethnic minorities, the most seriously destroyed in the accident, have been stored in a 15-cubic-meter refrigeratory after repairs.

So far the palace's heat and humidity preservation system has been recovered. The whole project will be completed in one or two years, said a palace official.

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