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Introducing Tue Quang Foundationís Collection Of Commentaries

The Buddhist Channel, Oct 24, 2016

Nevada, USA -- On September 25, 2016, Tue Quang Wisdom Light Foundation of Nevada, USA announced the completion of the Vietnamese translation of the entire collection of Sastras (Commentaries) in the Taisho Tripitaka (from volume 25 to volume 32) at the Lieu Quán Buddhist Cultural Center in Hue, Vietnam.

<< Most Venerable Thích Hui En, Chief Abbot of  Tu Ðàm Temple, Hue, introduced the Sastras

Present at the ceremony were Most Venerable Thích Quang Nhuen, Senior Advisor to the Lieu Quán Center, Most Venerable Thích Hei en, Executive Director of the Lieu Quán Center, Bhiksus and Bhiksunis from the Hu? Buddhist Institute, local temples and schools. Also present were Dr. Tren tien Huyen, President of Tue Quang Foundation, Dr. Nguyên Hue-Ðào Nguyên, local scholars and students.

The translation of the Taisho Tripitaka into Vietnamese has been sponsored by family members of Dr. Tren tien Huyen who live in the United States. Over the last 10 years, the translators of Tue Quang Foundation, including Dr. Nguyên Heng Lý Kim Hoa and Dr. Nguyên Hue - Ðào Nguyên,  have completed several sutras, commentaries, dictionaries including the Commentaries on the Abhidharma Maha-Vibhasa, Mahayana Bodhisattva Study, The Bodhisattva’s Ten Stages , The Truth Sastra.

On this occasion, Dr. Tren tien Huyen introduced the entire Collection of 188 Commentaries to fellow Buddhists in Vietnam and overseas and as a token of appreciation to the Venerables, Bhiksus, Bhiksunis and the expert translators who have contributed extensively to the development of a Vietnamese Tripitaka. We are also planning to print the entire collection of Commentaries (over 37000 pages). Following its publication, we will donate it free of charge to Buddhist universities and temples both in Vietnam and overseas.

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