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Thai institute invents mosquito-repellent robe for monks

DPA, Jan 30, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand -- A Thai research institute has developed mosquito-repellent robes targeting the kingdom's 400,000 Buddhist monks, who are prohibited from killing all animals including pesky insects, insect, media reports said Wednesday.

Thailand Textile Institute executive director Virat Tandaechanurat said the anti-mosquito robe, dyed with substances extracted from Thai herbs such as galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf, had been proven to repel 97 per cent of mosquitos in tests conducted by the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.

The institute forecast that the repellant-robes, to be brand-named "Mettha Dhamma" or "Dharma Kindness," could find a good niche market among Thailand's 400,000 Buddhist monks, said the Thai News Agency.

The five main sins of Buddhism include any form of killing, including of all animals, stealing, lying, drinking alcohol and committing adultery.

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