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Buddhism can help end suffering, Jet Li says

The Record, Sept 23, 2006

San Francisco, USA -- Jet Li is famous for his fists and kicks, but he'd like his compassion to be a hit, too.

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Li, who noted that a quarter of a million people committed suicide in China in 2003, said he hopes that he and his latest film, Jet Li's Fearless, can help make a difference.

"I would like to spend more of my energy practising Buddhism and helping younger Chinese people to understand life,'' he told the San Francisco Chronicle. "When people commit suicide, they cause 10 people to suffer. So this is causing millions and millions of people to suffer.''

"The Buddhism idea is to look back, to look into yourself. It's a feeling,'' he said. "The feeling is different from the material. You need to make yourself happy from inside your heart.''

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