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Belinda Carlisle ditches booze to embrace Buddhism

ANI, March 7 2007

WASHINGTON, USA -- Singer Belinda Carlisle has abandoned her hard-partying ways to become a committed Buddhist.

The Vacation singer embraced the religion half a decade ago, and now leads a much healthier, balanced life to the wild one she was known for in the 1980s.

While speaking to Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, Carlisle said: “I don't smoke anymore, I don't drink any more and I don't do drugs any more. I am very much into my Buddhism.”

“I found turning 40 a real passage in time for me. I found myself asking who was I, where had I been, what had I been doing. I was wondering about happiness and started reading a lot of books by the Dalai Lama, and slowly embraced Buddhism,” Contactmusic quoted her, as adding.

The star was born into a Christian family, but admits she could never connect to it the way she did with Buddhism.

“I grew up in a strict Christian family and (was) forced to go to church every Sunday and religion never clicked with me. I just felt that there was something else, but I never found it, but now I am certain I have,” said Belinda.

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