The Monk Who Gave Up Acting With Laurence Olivier To Lead Buddhism In British Prisons

by Louise Ridley, The Huffington Post, Nov 24, 2014

Warwickshire, UK
-- A large, golden Buddha smiles serenely behind the Venerable Ajahn Khemadhammo, as we meet in his forest hermitage in rural Warwickshire. Slight, shaven-headed and with with dark hairs adorning the bare shoulder not covered by his brown robe, the 70-year-old ordained monk is a leading force in British Buddhism, who works with some of the faith's most desperate followers, in prisons.  More

Female Monks Challenge Buddhism’s Misogynistic Tendencies
by Mark Hay, Good, November 2014
Bangkok, Thailand -- Many in the Thai state, clergy, and mainstream population are in a tizzy over one woman named Dhammananda. As a Bhikkuni, a Theravada Buddhist nun, she’s raised hackles for much of the past decade by attempting to reestablish the Bhikkuni lineage in Thailand.  More

Indonesian Muslim, Buddhist team seeks to ‘bring peace for Rohingya’
Mizzima, Nov 24, 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia -- Muslims and Buddhists in Indonesia have joined hands to help resolve the conflict over the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and plan to send a team to Rakhine State to talk with Buddhist monks, according to the Jakarta Post.  More

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