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Open Letter from Master Cheng Yen to Hurricane Katrina Victims

The Buddhist Channel, Sept 7, 2005

Our Dear American Friends,

On behalf of the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and our volunteers around the world, I wish to convey our deepest condolences. Even though we are in Taiwan, seemingly far away, we deeply empathize with you. Having suffered our share of disasters also, we know how heartrending it is to lose everything. What you have been through and are going through now breaks our hearts. We share your pain and sorrow.


After death, Tibetans still prefer sky burial

New Kerala, Sept 1, 2005

Lhasa, Tibet (China) -- When the grandfather and grandmother of Zhaxi Toinzhub died, they were treated to sky burial according to their own will. It is a traditional Tibetan burial where the bodies are left for vultures, creatures worshiped by the locals as sacred.


Sapling of sacred Buddhist Bodhi Tree from Sri Lanka planted in Taiwan

Middle East Times, August 22, 2005

TAIPEI, Taiwan --  A sapling from Sri Lanka's Maha Bodhi Tree, which is sacred to Buddhists, was planted in Taiwan on Sunday with the hope of bringing blessings to the island.


Women face choice ? nun or prostitute

By Lindsay Beck, Reuters, August 21, 2005

Shigatse, Tibet (China) -- IT'S evening in Shigatse and the lights are coming on. In the Chinese district of the Tibetan mountain town, strings of fairy lights flicker around rows of shopfronts where women perch waiting for customers and men stumble out from backroom corridors.


Revered Dalai Lama still key to Tibet stability

By Lindsay Beck, Reuters, Aug 14, 2005

LHASA, Tibet (China) -- "Have you ever seen the Dalai Lama?" asks a young nun in the narrow, winding streets of the Tibetan capital's old town.


World-famous monks offer Taiwan a treat

BY KO SHU-LING, Taipei Times, Aug 14, 2005

The famous Shaolin monks are now in Taiwan, despite wrangling that has left the organizer and sponsor singing different tunes

Taipei, Taiwan -- Taiwan will get a rare, first-hand glimpse of 1,500-year-old kung fu skills after a group of fighting monks from the world-famous Songshan Shaolin Temple in China's Henan Province arrived on Thursday.


Tens of thousands flock to Lhasa 'Yogurt' Festival

The Standard (Hong kong/ASSOCIATED PRESS), August 5, 2005

Lhasa, Tibet -- Murmuring Buddhist scripture and spinning hand-held prayer wheels, tens of thousands of people crowded the hills around Tibet's largest monastery Thursday for the annual unveiling of its sacred art.


School boys shave their heads as part of Buddhist vows

Mainichi Shimbun, Aug 4, 2005

KYOTO, Japan -- About 190 elementary and junior high school students from across Japan entered the Buddhist priesthood at Higashi-Honganji Temple on Thursday.


Tibet's Potala palace spruced up but nobody home

By Lindsay Beck, The Star (Reuters), Aug 4, 2005

LHASA, Tibet (China) -- The renovation of the Potala palace, once the administrative heart of Tibet, is nearly complete but the imposing red and white monument stands empty of its most important occupant.


Buddhism festival to be staged in Shanxi

Xinhuanet, July 31, 2005

TAIYUAN, China -- The Second China Wutai Mountain Buddhism Festival and Buddhism Arts Expo is scheduled to begin on August 21 in north China's Shanxi province.


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