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Transfixed at the temple

By Jim Eagles, Travel, Feb 28, 2006

Kyoto, Japan -- The monks in their robes chanted in a deep sonorous rhythm, bells tinkled and cymbals clashed, the smell of incense wafted through the air and the huge golden Buddha smiled serenely down at my aching knees.


Japan: Harassed monk forms a labor union

By Bruce Wallace, Los Angeles Times, February 23 2006

NAGANO, Japan -- Junshin Hosono says he never thought of himself as a worker, at least not the way Karl Marx or Jimmy Hoffa ever thought of workers. Hosono is a Buddhist monk, and for 28 years he has chanted prayers and offered spiritual guidance at Zenkoji, the prestigious complex of temples that is the soul of this city.


Dalai Lama envoys land in China for secretive talks

By Lindsay Beck, Reuters, Feb 15, 2006

BEIJING, China -- Envoys of Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, arrived in China on Wednesday for secretive talks on allowing more autonomy for the Buddhist region, Tibet's government-in-exile said.


Tibetans burn wild animal skins in Tibet to encourage wildlife preservation

ICT, February 10, 2006

Lhasa, Tibet (China) -- Tibetans in the Amdo area of Tibet have burned skins of endangered animals worth thousands of yuan in a bid to preserve wildlife, following strong statements by the Dalai Lama about the importance of wildlife conservation and compassion towards animals to a gathering of thousands of Tibetans in India last month.


Chinese pilgrims attend prayer meeting by Dalai Lama

By Lindsay Beck and Benjamin Kang Lim, Reuters, Feb 10, 2006

BEIJING, China -- Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from Tibet and China attended a prayer meeting alongside the region's exiled god-king, the Dalai Lama, in India last month in a rare mingling of Chinese nationals with one of Beijing's foes.


First Museum for the Bulang Minority Unveiled

Xinhua News, Feb 8, 2006

Yunnan, China -- The project to build China's first ecological museum for the Bulang minority has been completed in Yunnan Province recently.


Buddhist statue stolen from Japan temple

Pravda, Feb 6, 2006

Nara, Japan -- A burglar has stolen a Buddhist statue from a temple in western Japan famed for having the oldest surviving wooden structures in the world, local police said Monday.


Stolen Horyuji figure found in theft suspect's car

The Japan Times, Feb. 7, 2006

NARA, Japan -- A Buddhist statue taken from the Horyuji Temple compound, a World Heritage site in the ancient capital of Nara, has been found in a car rented by a man who was arrested for stealing another statue from a different temple Sunday, police said Monday.


More Beijingers Go to Lama Temple on 1st Day of Lunar New Year

Xinhua News, Jan 30, 2006

Beijing, China -- A Lamasery of Tibetan Buddhism attracted the largest number of visitors in Beijing on Sunday, the first day of Chinese lunar New Year, latest official figures showed.


Chinese Buddhists to follow trail of Monk Xuan Zang

Xinhuanet, Jan 16, 2006

BEIJING, China -- Four Chinese Buddhists will follow the trail of Monk Xuan Zang of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and present the Indian Nalanda Buddhist temple with a Chinese Buddhist master piece.


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