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Homage to the founder of Tibetan Buddhism in China

by Harry Bhaskara, Jakarta Post, Dec 26, 2004

Beijing, China -- Why are there so many monasteries in China? A very long history of Buddhism is one reason. Buddhism was founded in India in 500 B.C. and came to China around 65 A.D.


Diary of monk Kawaguchi, 1st Japanese visitor to Tibet, found

Kyodo, December 24, 2004

Tokyo, Japan -- A diary of Ekai Kawaguchi (1866-1945), a monk who in 1900 became the first Japanese visitor to Tibet and left a travelogue in English, has been found at the home of his niece Mie Miyata in Tokyo.


World should thank Buddhists for Christmas

AFP, Dec 22, 2004

Shanghai, China -- Father Christmas?s grotto is not an icy cave in Lapland but the economic heart of southern China, where almost two-thirds of the world?s Christmas trees and decorations are made.


China embraces traditional ways as it throws out communist ideologies

Channel News Asia, Dec 16, 2004

TIANJIN, China -- As a priest clad in a Qing Dynasty robe sounded the drum in Tianjin's 568-year-old Temple of Confucius, hundreds of worshippers bowed in unison to a shrine laden with offerings and billowing with incense.


Monks run off with $4m

Electric New Paper, Dec 3, 2004

Taipei, Taiwan -- THE money was meant to go towards making a film based on the legendary tale of a monk's 'Journey to the West'. But just as filming was about to begin, the war chests were discovered to be empty.


Shanghai's Buddhist monastery expanded

Xinhuanet, Nov 24, 2004

BEIJING, China -- The most popular Buddhist temple in the city is back in use after its largest expansion ever, China Daily reported Wednesday. The expansion cost 130 million yuan (US$15.7 million).


Shaolin temple overrun by tourists

The Straits Times, Nov 22, 2004

Luoyang, China -- EVERY morning as a new fleet of buses unloads tourists at the Shaolin temple, Mr Li Yaojin thinks wistfully about the peaceful days two decades ago when he first arrived as a Buddhist novice.


Freeing captured birds criticized


CRUEL PRACTICE: The custom of setting birds free to improve one's karma is well-intended. But it has led to the rise of a brutal and inhumane birdcatching business


Buddhism in China illustrates cultural integration

Xinhuanet, Oct 20, 2004

BEIJING, China -- The spread of Buddhism from India to Japan and Korea after the religion's development in China exemplifies the compatibility of Chinese and foreign cultures.


Chinese, Japanese Buddhists commemorate ancient Buddhist scholar

Xinhuanet, Oct. 18, 2004

XI'AN,  China -- More than 100 Buddhists from China and Japan gathered at Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, over the weekend to mark the 1,660th birthday of ancient Buddhist scholar and translator Kumarajiva, or Jiu Mo Luo Shi in Chinese.


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