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Australia: More choosing Buddhist path

By Sarah Price, Sydney Morning Herald, May 7, 2006

Sydney, Australia -- BUDDHISM is growing as a religion of choice for Australians seeking an antidote to a greedy, violent and stressed out world.


Proposed Buddhist Pagoda Causes Stir

Newswire (New Zealand), May 10, 2006

Auckland, New Zealand -- Plans to build a ten-storey Buddhist tower, a pagoda, in south Auckland has angered some residents. The Buddhist temple in Flat Bush has applied for resource consent to build the tower, where the ashes of cremated followers will be stored.


Tibetan chic: Why Buddhism is so hot right now

by Amanda Whibley, EurekAlert, April 20, 2006

Sydney, Australia -- Madonna made those little red Kabbalah bracelets cool for five minutes, and Tom Cruise talked up Scientology, but Buddhism firmly remains the religion du jour for Westerners looking for respite from a greedy, violent and stressed out world, according to a University of Western Sydney expert.


Totally devoted to you

By Pip Cummings, Sydney Morning Herald, April 13, 2006

With Easter, Passover and Buddha's birthday upon us, it's time to get holy.

Sydney, Australia -- When Kerry Williams purchased a metre-high Virgin Mary statue at auction, she was faced with a transport problem. So she strapped the statue in to the front seat of her sports car, roof down, and took her for a drive.


Funds drive on for Buddhist shrine

ABC News Online, April 7, 2006

Bendigo, Australia -- Financial support is being sought from around the world for a planned $15 million Buddhist shrine near Bendigo. It will be the same size and design as the Great Stupa in Tibet.


Building work to begin on Buddhist shrine

Australian Broadcasting Corp, March 24, 2006

Bendigo, Victoria (Australia) -- Erection of a steel framework for a big religious and tourist attraction near Bendigo is expected to start soon after the council's decision to guarantee a loan for the project.


Council to offer land to Buddhist order

Australian Broadcast Corporation, March 3, 2006

Illawarra, NSW (Australia) -- Shoalhaven City Council is to officially offer the Shoalin Buddhist Order land at Comberton Grange near Falls Creek at an undisclosed price.


Meditation and the art of becoming a better boss

Stuff, February 25, 2006

Chief executives are finding their 'Buddha nature' in the practice and disciplines of Tibetan meditation. Julie Macken reports.

Sydney, Australia -- When Gordon Cairns began as CEO of Lion Nathan, he says he was "a horrible boss – driven by power, task-oriented and only concerned with getting the job done, whatever the cost".


A Buddhist day out beckons

By Michael Sinclair, Star News Group, February 8, 2006

Yuroke, Australia -- YUROKE will house thousands of Buddhists from across the country in a celebration for world peace later this month.


Govt urged to back Buddhist temple plan

ABC News Online, Feb 2, 2006

Sydney, Australia -- Shoalhaven Mayor Greg Watson says recent meetings with NSW Government department heads in Sydney have boosted support for the proposed Shaolin Buddhist temple.


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