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To Deploy the Soft Power of Buddhism, India Needs to Embrace the Sangha

By P. Stobdan, The Wire, Nov 29, 2016

One-off events and ‘competing’ with Chinese Buddhism isn’t the answer. India needs to embrace the spiritual traditions and depth of Buddhism.
New Delhi, India
-- Soon after coming to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi prudently decided to emphasise India’s rich tradition of Buddhism in a soft-power approach to Asian geopolitics.


Nalanda U's second chance for a "true" revival

by Kooi F Lim, The Buddhist Channel, Dec 8, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- In Nalanda University's website, it introduces the institution as thus: The University is inspired by and aspires to match the ancient Nalanda which was an undisputed seat of learning for 800 years till the twelfth century, CE.


A Trump Presidency Need Not Be the End Times

by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, The Buddhist Channel, November 11, 2016

San Francisco, CA (USA) -- It was with feelings of shock and dismay that early this morning I woke up to learn that Donald Trump had been elected president of the United States.


Has Aung San Suu Kyi sold out the Dalai Lama?

By Sai Wansai, Mizzima, 17 September 2016

Beijing, China -- Has Aung San Suu Kyi sold out her fellow Nobel Peace Laureate the Dalai Lama? It’s a stunning question. But it needs to be asked in light of the China-Myanmar Joint Press Release or Statement of 20 August 2016 following Suu Kyi’s historical China visit.


Buddhist-Muslim Violence in South and South-East Asia: The Local Becomes Regional, or a Clash of Civilizations?

by Bruno Marshall Shirley, International Policy Digest, 29 Jun 2016

United Nations, New York -- This month the UN released a report addressing “serious” human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar at the hands of the Buddhist majority, and the two-year anniversary of Sri Lanka’s deadly Aluthgama and Dharga Town riots, allegedly incited by Buddhist monks and targeting Muslim homes, property, and lives.


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