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Buddhist priest Bill Wright gives up flat and job to go on 1,000 mile pilgrimage around Japan

Gloucester Citizen, February 22, 2015

Gloucester, UK -- After years spent working to help people with mental health issues, Buddhist priest Bill Wright is giving up his job and home to take on a 1,000 mile pilgrimage around Japan.


Religious studies professor draws influence from Buddhist experience

By Shoba Babu, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Deb 11, 2015

Philadelphia, PA (USA) -- As an undergraduate, Chair of the Religious Studies department Justin McDaniel, a preeminent scholar of Buddhism, had never studied the subject before. After volunteering in Thailand and Laos, he was inspired to explore the Buddhist culture, even becoming a monk himself.


George Takei: Buddhism ‘Made A Lot Of Sense For Me'

By Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post, Jan 24, 2015

San Francisco, CA (USA) -- George Takei is an actor, a social media star, and a gay rights activist. He’s also a longtime Buddhist whose faith has helped him get through the rough patches in his life -- like coming to terms with his sexual orientation and making sense of his Japanese family’s internment during World War II.


Thich Nhat Hahn out of coma

The Buddhist Channel, Jan 5, 2014

Thénac, France -- Plum Village, the Buddhist Sangha commune centre established by Ven. Thich Nhat Hahn has announced that the revered monk is now out of coma.


Trouble in paradise

by Michaela Haas, The Huffington Post, Dec 22, 2014

An interview with Venerable Pannavati about her Christian-Buddhist path, why there are not more Blacks in Buddhism, and her push for girls, women, and "Untouchables."

Hendersonville, NC (USA) -- Ven. Dr. Pannavati, a former Christian pastor, is co-founder of Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage in Hendersonville, NC. A black, female Buddhist monk ordained in the Theravada and Mahayana traditions with Vajrayana empowerments and transmission from Roshi Bernie Glassman of Zen Peacemakers, she is both contemplative and empowered for compassionate service. She just returned from South India where she established the first nunnery for "Untouchables," and she told me about the urgent need for support for girls and women.


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