Ten Precepts Rap

By Ven. Kobutsu Malone, The Buddhist Channel, March 4, 2005

Calling all Rappers!

You are invited to submit a rap edition of "Ten Precepts Rap" based on the lyrics written by Ven. Kobutsu Malone. Your rap version shall be hosted for a period of 1 month and a poll will taken among Buddhist Channel readers to select the piece that is voted as the "most inviting".

Ten Precepts rap

 Dharma Rap Master
Kobutsu Malone

We don't have to look too far
To see mythology
Used to cover-up reality.

In the ten precepts we take
Ain't no power-over ride
It's who we choose to be
How we choose to be free
That determines our reality.

Hear it out
Ain't got no clout
'less you use 'em clean
With no doubt
Your choice dude,
Here's the precepts all rapped out
Listen deep
You just might hear
Sound o? the death o? fear.

Reverence for all life,
Mindful of the pain I may cause
Though I may walk into strife
I choose not to be violent
I choose not to take any life.

I'm happy for you, what you got;
It does not enter my mind
To take what ain?t mine.
The feelings of others
All sisters and brothers,
Attention in relationship of deep concern.
I honor commitment
'never even think to yearn.

In my heart
I honor honesty and truth
I choose to be free and not to deceive.
Its an exercise
Taking - proper care of body/mind;
Of over eating beware
'bout drugs
I ain?t entwined.

Dig-it - silence is precious;
frivolous talk
ain?t no value on the path
I choose to walk.

Humble is the mode,
I do not mythologize myself or judge others
This is the code.
Working on
Being satisfied with myself;
?s a full time gig
No time to covet
No time to be incarcerated by envy
Or locked up with jealousy.

Always do I keep in mind;
The value of calm;
The worth of being at peace;
Life's enough of a grind;
Ain't got no mind to tangle with anger

So deliberately I decide:
To reside in the awakened state of mind
All strife subsides
The truth I clearly see
As the means to set us free.
Forever I will abide
With the community
A?walkin?on the path
Of the awakened state of mind.

This mind only
I can tame

These precepts
I do not defame.

Copyright Ven. Kobutsu Malone, 2005, All rights reserved