Donors list: In Aid for Temples affected by the Korean floods

As of July 31, 2011

We offer our gratitude to the following for the support and kind donation:

Date Donor Amount (US$) Admin Fees Nett Donation (US$)
3-Aug-11 Teoh Seng Khim 50.00 -$2.25  47.75
1-Aug-11 Keith Angilly  50.00 -$2.25  47.75
31-July-11 Lisa Ferworn  20.00 -$1.08  18.92
31-July-11 Tsjin Marry  500.00 -$19.80  480.20
31-July-11 Hung Pham  50.00 -$2.25  47.75
29-July-11 Tan Tiang Lye  30.00 -$1.32  28.68
720.00 684.92

Date Donor Amount (RM) Admin Fees Nett Donation (RM)
31-Jul-11 Anonymous 150.00 0 150.00
150.00 150.00

Thank you for your effort in providing aid for temples damaged in the recent flooding in Korea.

By the merit of your generosity, may the Blessings of the Buddha Dharma ever guide and protect you and your loved ones.

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