Not easy to establish temple in UK

by Edward James, Essex, UK

It was sad to read The Buddhist Channel's story about the sangha at Nothfleet whose attempt to build a Temple was thwarted by vandalism. Please pass on to them our kind thoughts and best wishes for their future projects.

In Hockley, Essex, at Northwood Meditation Woodland (a tiny corner of former scrubland squashed between a commercial nursery and a working farm) we have managed to establish a dedicated area against all the odds!

Vandalism, petitions, hate mail, hostility and opposition from local residents, Parish, District and County Councils very nearly prevented the dream of Northwood Meditation Woodland becoming a reality. The future is still uncertain and there is a seeminlgy endless struggle against red tape and beaurocrats in local government who appear to have an allergic reaction to us.

Please don't give up in Northfleet - keep going - whatever opposition and mindless destruction you encounter - just keep going.