Comments wrong, made with wrong understanding

by Lin Zi Quan, The Buddhist Channel, Aug 20, 2007

I refer to a comment found in the article "Chinatown Turtle Tug of War Felt in Central Park".

The author says that "The women painted red symbols on the backs of the turtles, including the "svasti," the symbol adopted by the Nazi party. "

The Svastika is not of Buddhism. THe author should re edit his notes, and re phrase such a statement. THe Svasti in the manner inwhich it is in Buddhism is not that which is used in Nazi Germany. Very different.

The author is not clear on why liberation of life is important, and claims only bringing good merit and a better rebirth. Those outcomes are conditional, and only may be a result if the person performing the liberation has the proper causes for it. It is not so simple.

The article lacks root in proper understanding of Buddhist cultivation. It shouldn't have been published.