Western Sangha issue: Thank you for the detailed coverage

by Robert Coyner, Seattle, WA USA, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 11, 2009

I know it must be very difficult with the various views, emotions, and issues within the debate going on with the Thai Forest Tradition.

I just wanted to let you know, that as an American Buddhist, I really appreciate your publication of various editorials filled with detailed scriptural information and commentaries! Each article allows me to understand each side more clearly, but more importantly understand Buddhism as a whole more completely.

The most recent article, "Monastic lineages and the Vinaya: Which is Buddhist?" by Kester Ratcliff, The Buddhist Channel, Nov 10, 2009, was nearest to my heart.

It was an excellent review of various issues, with all the details and important references, I would expect from an informed position. I really appreciated the article! I hope it inspires more discussion regarding established Traditions and Buddhism, as American Buddhism tries to make that distinction moving forward.

I know from reading various blogs that many Buddhist read and follow your site! Keep up the good work!