Tuvan and Tibetan monks read 108-volume Buddha's doctrine out loud

Krasnoyarsk News, Aug 7, 2006

Tuva, Russia -- Monks of Kamba Lama Religious Directorate of Tuva Republic and monks from Tibetan Tantric Monastery "Gyudmed" held a ceremony in honor of Buddhist holiday "The First Turn of the Teaching Wheel". The ceremony took place in the Lower Chadan Buddhist Temple "Aldyn-Khurey", Tibetan Culture and Information Center reported.

'Big holiday public services are held not only in Tuva but also in India, Tibet, Kalmykia and Buryatia,' Kamby Lama Jampel Lodoi, the Supreme Lama of Tuva, noted, 'In Tuva the day was remarkable by the fact that Tuvan priests and our guests lamas of Tibetan Monastery Gyudmed read 108 volumes of Buddha's teaching out loud.

'Buddhism came to Tuva from Tibet, and for this reason it is especially pleasant that we have held these important rites together with Tibetan monks from Gyudmed this year,' the Kamby Lama added.

Reading 108-volume Kagyur, Sakyamuni's doctrine collection that he taught to people after his Enlightenment, was the main event of the holiday celebration.

According to Buddhism, Buddha's doctrine read out loud brings greater profit to the creatures of not only visible but of invisible worlds as well.

Animals and inhabitants of other lower worlds which have no opportunity to read and study the holy texts can get great blessing and soak the words of doctrine up.

The words remain in their consciousness and contribute to better regenerations.