Buddhist temple to be built in Tuva's village

Tuva-online, Nov, 9, 2006

Tuva, Russia -- A Buddhist temple will be built in Tuva's village of Teve-Haia, Sut-Holsky District. The building site (soubourgan) was opened, with first stone laid for the future Buddhist temple - huree on November, 8, Tuva-online reports.

Money for construction of the Buddhist temple was collected during a marathon held in Teve-Haia in May 2006. A total of $2.5 thousand was picked up.

Kyzyl Mayor Dmitry Dongak, House of Representatives of Great Hural Deputy Mikhail Koolar and other officials, being natives of the village, participated in the work of the organizing committee.

Apart from festive events, the second marathon on collecting money for the huree construction is being held on the soubourgan opening day.