Dalai Lama: Ethics must be laic and secular

AGI, Dec 14, 2007

Rome, Italy -- Laic and secular ethics: it is not a radical leader asking for this, but a religious leader: the Dalai Lama. The representative of all Buddhist in the world speaks to the young in the 'Auditorium Parco della Musica'.

"From a Buddhist point of view, my point of view" he explains "one should be completely impartial and not have prevailing ideas or biases. Of course I have been influenced in my formation, but it is for that reason that I believe laic and secular ethics are necessary".

For the Dalai Lama this is the only condition to look at reality "from different points of view, in three dimensions. One single point of view, in fact, could hide the benefits of a situation which at first glance could look negative".

The religious leader then pointed out to schoolchildren of Rome that "it is important to consider everything as complementary to other elements and, therefore, to itself.

We Buddhist call it 'phenomenal rising', the rising of things based on their cause-effect relation".