Buddhists worry about 'noisy' bar

BBC, Jan 2, 2007

Nottingham, UK -- A Buddhist centre in Nottingham has sent a petition to the city council opposing a new bar because noise may interrupt meditation classes.

The centre said it could be forced to relocate if the licence was granted for the bar on St Mary's Gate.

But the bar's managing director David Caddick said "impact from the premises will be negligible".

He said he would work with the Buddhist community to alleviate any problems, adding it was a food-based operation.

Noise worries

Veronica Barker, from the Nottingham Buddhist Centre, said having a bar next to the centre would make a big difference as most of the meditation classes are in the evening.

She said there are also residents living in flats in the area who would be disturbed by the noise from a bar.

"If it interferes with what they are doing at the centre then people are not going to want to come there if noise is interfering with the meditation classes. It would drive people away," she said.

Mr Caddick said the 111-seat bar and 60-seat grill is much smaller than most city centre bars and nightclubs.

'Complete nightmare'

"Impact from the premises will be negligible - it will be closing doors at midnight on most days and will be a hassle-free environment."

Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson has also objected to the application saying it would "make life in apartments a complete nightmare" and act as a "magnet for revellers".

Nottingham City Council has declined to comment about the application until after the licensing meeting on 8 January.

Nottinghamshire Police have also objected to the bar on grounds that the area already has enough nightclubs.

Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama is visiting Nottingham later this year as part of a speaking tour.