Moscow provides land on WWII memorial site to build Buddhist temple

RIA Novosti, February 16, 2010

MOSCOW,, Russia -- Moscow authorities have allocated a plot of land on Poklonnaya Hill, a WWII memorial in the Russian capital's west for a Buddhist temple, a deputy Moscow mayor said Tuesday.

"We have resolved the issue of providing a plot of land on Poklonnaya Hill to build a Buddhist temple. The area will be small - maximum 0.1 hectares," Sergei Baidakov, in charge of sport, tourism and interregional affairs, said.

He said the question of building the temple rose long ago but has not been resolved yet because "when the Poklonnaya Hill territory was planned, the mayor's instruction on construction of temples for representatives of different religious beliefs who died during the war had not been taken into account."

Baidakov added that it is unknown when the temple construction will be completed.

Poklonnaya Hill already has an Orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue.

Russia's four traditional faiths are Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.