Dalai Lama calls on Russian Buddhists to translate spiritual texts

RIA Novosti, December 3, 2010

DHARAMSHALA, India -- The Dalai Lama has called on Russian pilgrims to translate Buddhist spiritual writings which have not been published in Russian.

"Kangyur (The Translation of the Word consisting of 108 volumes is supposed to have been spoken by the Buddha himself) and the Tengyur (Translation of Treatises constituting of 224 volumes of Buddha's followers' commentaries), as well as texts written by Tibetan mentors... If it is possible, you should organize a group of translators," the Dalai Lama told Russian Buddhists in the northern Indian city of Dharmashala.

The texts have never been translated into Russia and several Tibetan texts have not been translated into Chinese or Japanese.

More than 1,200 pilgrims from Russia came to Dharmashala, the seat of Tibet's government in exile in north India, to attend three-day spiritual courses, which were held by the Dalai Lama for Russian Buddhists for the second time this year. The meeting also involved believers from China, Spain, Vietnam, South Korea, Britain, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.