International Buddhist conference kicks off in Kathmandu

Xinhua News, Sept 8, 2005

Kathmandu, Nepal -- The 4th International Conference on Buddhist Heritage of Nepal Mandal 2005 kicked off Wednesday with the slogan of "Collaboration for the Preservation, Upliftment and Co-existence of Buddhist Heritage in Asia."

The Conference aimed at preservation, promotion and continuity of Buddhist religion and culture in the countries practicing Buddhism is scheduled to last till Sept. 10.

Inaugurating the Conference, Nepali Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Buddhi Raj Bajracharya stressed on the need to organize such conference in order to exchange ideas on Buddhism.

"The Buddhist religion and tradition having its own norms and values are deteriorating due to the lack of public awareness," Bajracharya said.

During the Conference, various foreign and Nepalese participants will be presenting some 30 working papers on subjects such as status and challenges of Buddhism in Nepal, Buddhist tradition and world peace.