Peace is central agenda

Rising Nepal, Jan 25, 2007

KATHMANDU, Nepal -- Speakers at an interaction Wednesday univocally stressed that peace should be the major agenda of political parties as it would help establish enduring peace in the country.

Speaking at the programme "Siddhartha: Man of Peace and his Humanistic Approach?, Member of Parliament Sujata Koirala said that women and children were the most vulnerable during the time of conflict. She said that people from every walk of life should contribute in fighting against human rights violation.

At the programme organised by International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO), Koirala said that the message of Buddhism is always relevant to establish peace throughout the world. She added that the message of peace should be reached all parts of the country.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka Sumith Nkandala said that people across the globe take the principles of Buddhism as a means to reform the world. He said that 65 per cent Sri Lankans observe Buddhism.

Ambassador of Thailand Vanvisa Thamrongnavasawat said that majority of the Thai people have adopted Buddhism as their major religion. She said that equality, understanding and peace was the major principles of Buddhism and they have been acceptable across the globe.

Chairman of IHO Tirtha Thapa said that root of conflict was from the very beginning of human civilisation. He said that principle of the Buddhism should be followed to minimise the risk of violence in the world.