Road works for Kala Chakra begin at Amaravathi

Newind Press, November 10 2005

GUNTUR, India -- As the clock starts ticking away for the Buddhist magnum opus, Kala Chakra at Amaravathi early next year, the Roads and Building Department has started taking up road-laying works on a massive scale.

Road-laying works on 14 new roads at a cost of Rs 22.14 crore were taken up, said R&B superintendent engineer Bhavanna Rao. The entire work of laying the new roads would be completed by month-end.

In a guided tour to reporters here, on Wednesday, Rao showed the road-laying works at Amaravathi, Sattenpalli, Tulluru, Mangalagiri and Tadikonda.

A new technology was applied to road-laying works in the district for the first time in the State, he said.

The technology makes sure that the road retains its durability for eight years. Encroachments in some villages were removed.

He thanked the revenue and APTransco departments for their cooperation.