Kalachakra in Andhra Pradesh ends

By Narendra, NewKearal, Jan 17, 2006

Amravati, Andhra Pradesh (India) -- The 10-day-long global congregation of Buddhist monks in Amravati in Andhra Pradesh has concluded.

Around 100,000 monks, spiritual leaders and tourists from across the world attended the "Kalchakra" or "Wheel of Time" ceremony, which ended on Monday.

The Kalchakra initiation, considered blessings for all participants, is conferred by Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, to promote peace and tolerance globally.

During the ceremony, the Dalai Lama reasserted that he was committed to Tibet autonomy cause.

"Because Tibetan people, inside (Tibet) and outside, have a deep faith in me and nurture a lot of expectations, therefore, I have a moral responsibility to help them, to serve them," said the Dalai Lama.

The 'Kalchakra' ceremony is a profound system of teachings and practice of the Buddhist faith. The ritual was first performed by Lord Buddha over 2,500 years ago at the request of King Shambhala, who ruled a mythical or historical kingdom located beyond the Himalayas.

The ceremony has three aspects, the Outer Kalchakra pertaining to the external environment, the Inner Kalchakra pertaining to sentient beings living in the universe and the cycles of time, life and death.

And the Alternative Kalchakra, which is the third stage, consists of the practice of purification undertaken by an individual.

Its importance lies in the fact that the faithful believe that the initiation helps in promoting world peace, harmony and brotherhood.