Buddha`s holy relic placed in Jaishree Mahabodhi Vihar

Zee News, Feb 10, 2007

Bodh Gaya, Bihar (USA) -- The holy relics of Buddha and his two chief disciples - Sariputta and Modgalyayana - were placed at the newly constructed Jaishree Mahabodhi Vihar by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and Bihar Governor R S Gavai.

While the holy relic of Buddha had been brought from Sri Lanka on February 1, those of his disciples were flown in from Kolkata.

With the placing of the three relics, Bihar has become the proud possessor of five holy relics of Buddhist personalities. A relic of Buddha and famous Chinese traveller Xuanzang are currently at the Patna Museum.

Later, addressing a gathering the Dalai Lama asked the people to introspect in order to find the cause of their miseries.

"Helping others in trouble and not doing anything that will trouble others is the essence of dharma," he said.

Gavai termed the placing of Buddha's relic at the temple like a 'home coming'.

"I am overwhelmed at the very thought of being given an opportunity to place the relic in the august company of the Dalai Lama," the Governor said.

Observing that Buddha's teaching of peace and universal brotherhood were all the more relevant today, he asked the Buddhists to spread the spiritual knowledge imparted by the Lord far and wide.