Manipuris protest against military junta in Myanmar

ANI, November 14, 2007

New Delhi, India -- Myanmar has seen hundreds of thousands of Buddhist monks protesting in the country for the last few weeks, calling for democracy and an end to the military government.

Activists of Burma Solidarity, an organisation campaigning against the military junta in Myanmar, along with people belonging to Zomi tribe organised a demonstration to show solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

“More than ten thousand people and Buddhist monks have been arrested in Myanmar. So we need the sympathies, we need the support of the world. So that’s why we are organising demonstrations in various states of India,” said Thura, who is the president of the Burmese Solidarity Organisation.

The activists said they look forward to concrete steps from the Indian government for an early restoration of democracy in Myanmar.

“They (Burmese) are fighting for democracy and we are enjoying democracy in India and so we want our brothers and sisters in Burma to enjoy democracy with us,” said James Sumkhanzam, Assistant General Secretary of Zomi Students’ Federation.