Tibetans in Gangtok pray for China earthquake victims

Statesman News Service, May 25, 2008

GANGTOK,  Sikkim (India) -- Tibetans living in exile in Gangtok today mourned and offered prayers for those killed in the recent earthquake in China.

“We don't have any personal grudge with Chinese people and we are not against any of them but we are against Chinese government and its policy towards Tibet and Tibetans” said Mr Zimba Pintso, president of the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC). “So for the sake of humanity we have gathered here to mourn and pray for all the Chinese victims” ,he added.

“We all have been instructed from the Tibetan government not to organise any kind of protest against Chinese government this month as they are facing big problems” Mr. Pintso said adding that “We will start our protest after this month till the Olympic ends in China” he said.

However, one woman who strongly supported the Tibetan issue said she would not like to offer her condolences to the victims’ families. “I did not agree to any kind of prayers for Chinese people earlier, because we all have seen Chinese atrocities towards our brethrens in Tibet recently which are unpardonable”, said Mrs. Dolma Tshering.

About 110 Tibetan monks lit butter lamps and read their Buddhist text and more than 500 Tibetans in exile gathered here for prayers as part of their mourning at Tshukachum Hall and had a daylong prayer in Gangtok today organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress.