Seminary fulfils Ambedkar's dream

TNN, Oct 15, 2008

BANGALORE, India -- B R Ambedkar's January 1955 dream of starting a Buddhist seminary in Bangalore came true on Tuesday. A Buddhist Seminary Vihara and library was inaugurated at the same place he had selected.

Rajpramukh of Mysore had donated a 5-acre plot in Bangalore for this seminary, located between Raman Research Institute and Indian Institute of Science.

After inaugurating the seminary on Tuesday, former chief minister S M Krishna said Ambedkar had set an example by embracing Buddhism and there is a need to understand and create awareness about Ambedkar's preachings.

With regard to the situation now, Krishna hinted there was a conspiracy to disturb peace and harmony in the country. A statue of Ambedkar was unveiled on the occasion. The Buddhist Vihara will serve as a prayer hall. The library has a collection of religious books and will be engaged in translation of Buddhist texts into English.

Buddhists celebrate Pavarana Day

It was festival time for the city's Buddhist families as they celebrated Pavarana Day at Mahabodhi Society on Tuesday. The full moon day signifies conclusion of the monsoon.

"It is also observed as a day of seeking forgiveness and forgiving," said Ananda Bhanteji, vice-president , MahaBodhi Society. The day was celebrated by Bodhi puja and Stupa puja, followed by chanting. Buddhists take an undertaking not to harm anyone, kill anyone, steal, commit adultery, tell lies or take intoxicants.

The day is also observed as civara dana when devotees offer robes and other monastic requisites. It is after this monsoon retreat that Buddha gave a clarion call to Buddhists to teach dharama to all.