Meditation Park in Uttar Pradesh suffers from neglect

By Pawan Kumar Shah, ANI, Jan 19, 2009

Kushinagar, India -- Meditation Park in Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is in bad shape. Lack of maintenance has lead to its deterioration.

"This park was built with the intention to help people unwind themselves, so they can come here to relax for a while. But the condition of this park is getting worse day-by-day," said Santosh Kumar, a resident.

Although this park is having international appeal attached to it, still no foreign tourists or domestic visitors try to venture around this park. According to some residents, this park has also turned out to be a dingy den for anti-social goons.

"I agree that there have been some loopholes in maintenance for example there was a fountain that is not working. But we can't do anything about it because we only get 1.83 lakh from government for maintenance of this park. In such a meager amount, we have to look after employee's salaries, maintenance of the paths and beautification work also," said Vikas Verma, Forest Conservationist, Gorakhpur region.

Clearly, the main purpose of building this park was to epitomize meditation and importance of relaxation. But because of lack of maintenance, all the efforts and novel thoughts have gone down the drain.

The Japanese Meditation Park was an Indo-Japanese project. This park was built in 1992-1993. Sixty-eight Lakh rupees were allocated for the construction of this park.

Kushinagar is one of the famous Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Uttar Pradesh.ord Buddha attained salvation at this place.

Kushinagar is also an eminent tourist spot and many foreign tourists visit this place every year.